Rubber Products

 Rubberized products are manufactured from materials that are light and easy to grip. Tools manufactured from rubber materials also provide increased user safety and prolonged life. Rubber made products are extensively used for completing numerous types of projects, jobs or applications. Integrity Fasteners is an industry-leading distributor of high-end rubber tool products. These tools provide the advanced quality that is necessary for completing complex jobs that require tools that are manufactured from a premium rubber material.
Contact us for more information regarding our advanced quality rubber manufactured tools or socket products today. At Integrity Fasteners, we only stock the highest quality fastener products in the industry and our expert staff can assist you with all your fastener related questions and needs.

Accurate Elastomer Products

Accurate Elastomer Products, Inc. was founded in 1987. They specialize in the manufacturing of industrial rubber goods, rubberized fabrics, and miscellaneous rubber specialties. At Integrity Fasteners, we also stock Accurate Elastomer die-cut parts, tapes, fabricated parts, vinyl caps, custom molded parts, rubber extrusions, and truck diagrams.


For nearly 90 years, Rubbercraft has been manufacturing the finest seals, gaskets and flexible elastomeric tooling in the industry. Integrity Fasteners is an industry-leading provider of an extensive selection of Rubbercraft products.

Socket Products

Socket products are ideal for completing a wide range of projects, jobs or applications that require specific tool sizes. A complete socket set provides all the necessary socket sizes to complete most jobs. At Integrity Fasteners, we provide superior quality socket products that make it easier to complete complex jobs that require a wide range of tools, wrench and socket sizes. Integrity Fasteners’ socket products feature name brands such as Holokrome-Allen, B&B Specialties, Unbrako/SPS, Ideal Fasteners and Blue Devil Safety Socket.

B&B Specialties


Since 1929 Holo-Krome has been manufacturing some of the best socket devices and fasteners in the industry. Holo-Krome hex-socket screw fasteners can complete a job more easily, quickly, and dependably at a lower cost than any other socket fastener company on the market. At Integrity Fastener, we can provide you with numerous high-end Holo-Krome fastener and socket options.


Unbrako manufactures some of the toughest socket screws on the planet. Unbrako socket head cap screw and the self-locking Durlok fasteners are the solutions of choice for engineering applications across the globe. Integrity Fasteners is proud to offer a wide range of Unbrako socket screws and other fastener devices.

Ideal Fasteners

Ideal Fasteners, Inc. manufactures specialty items tailored to your specific needs. They manufacture a wide selection of high-quality Socket Cap, Torx Drive, Torx Plus, & Torq Set externally threaded fastener products. Integrity Fasteners is a leading provider of Ideal Fastener products for your everyday project needs.

Safety Socket/Blue Devil

Safety Socket manufactures some of the highest quality socket fastener products in the industry. Utilizing superalloy metals such as Hastelloy® and Inconel®, Safety Socket’s product line cannot be matched. At Integrity Fasteners, we work exclusively with Safety Socket to provide our customers with the Safety Socket products that they need at prices they can afford.

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