Commercial and Industrial Fasteners for Any Application

  • Two silver-colored hex bolts made for use in commercial applications.
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Industrial hardware includes a variety of commercial bolts and specialty fasteners used in commercial and industrial applications. This includes bolts, nuts, screws, clamps, rivets and various other types of hardware used by industries including automotive, electronics, communications, medical, manufacturing, and others.

Large Inventory of Specialty Commercial & Industrial Fasteners

Integrity Fasteners is uniquely qualified to meet the fastener needs of all types of commercial and industrial manufacturing businesses. Our comprehensive inventory makes it easy to locate all the fasteners and related hardware your company needs from a single source.
Our team of professionals knows the fastener business inside and out. We are dedicated to providing competitive pricing on high-quality specialty fasteners, metric fasteners, captive screws, stainless steel screws and vented screws that meet the needs of our commercial and industrial customers.
  • Steel Screws: Provided in several lengths, thread styles, and head styles.
  • Captive Screws: A class of industrial hardware that creates a permanent hold once installed. Styles of captive screws include thread locking, anchor-hold, press-fitting, and broaching.
  • Stainless Steel Screws: Designed for corrosion resistance, stainless steel screws are used by virtually every industry. We provide stainless steel screws in several lengths, thread sizes, and head styles.
  • Vented Screws: Feature a slot vent below the head or a drilled bore through the axis to prevent air, gas or contaminants from becoming trapped in blind-tapped holes. Vented screws are used in pressure chambers and other high vacuum or high-pressure environments.
  • Metric Fasteners: Meet ISO metric measurement standards and include a variety of commercial bolts, nuts, screws and other industrial hardware.
  • Specialty Fasteners: Includes a number of unique and specialty fasteners from manufacturers such as Camloc, Young Engineers, Hi-Lok, Avibank, and others.

Commercial and Industrial Industry We Offer Commercial Bolts in a Range of Styles and Materials

We are proud of the huge selection of fasteners, including metric fasteners, cap screws, socket screws, machine screws, nuts, bolts, sheet metal screws and other industrial hardware available to our customers.  Our stock includes commercial bolts in a range of materials and finishes including common and exotic materials, and several plating options. We are committed to making convenient one-stop shopping available to all our commercial and industrial customers.
With our comprehensive selection of industrial hardware in all sizes and materials, you can be certain that Integrity Fasteners is ready to deliver what you need when you need it.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Selection of Industrial Hardware

Locate the right materials for your projects or contact us to learn more about our product offerings. Integrity Fasteners also provides kitting and other value-added services to complete your order. Have a quick question? Feel free to email us for a convenient way to get in touch.