Specialty Fasteners for Military and Aerospace

  • Arrangement of different screws and bolts used in military and aerospace applications.
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Fasteners used in aerospace and military applications are required to meet stringent design and manufacturing standards for use in high temperature and high-pressure applications. These specifications include AN, NAS, MS, B1821, NASM, NA and several others. Aerospace bolts are typically constructed of alloy steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and superalloys, and many are heat-treated or coated to improve durability and resistance to heat and corrosion.

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Mil-Spec & Aircraft Fasteners

Integrity Fasteners has a long history of supplying military fasteners and related products to clients in the military and aerospace industries. We take pride in providing clients with convenient access to the highest quality aerospace and military fasteners, nuts and bolts available. Our comprehensive selection of specialized fastener and related products makes us a convenient, one-stop-shopping solution for defense and aerospace contractors. Military fasteners include bolts, nuts, machine screws and other types of hardware for applications including:

  • Commercial aircraft 
  • Military aircraft
  • Land vehicles 
  • Watercraft
  • Machinery 
  • And more
The use of Mil-Spec fasteners is not restricted to the aerospace and military industries. The strength and corrosion resistance, along with stringent manufacturing guidelines to assure quality, makes them a preferred option for numerous other commercial and industrial applications.

Quality Military Specific & Aerospace Fastener Products

Mil-spec fasteners on military aircraft

Our extensive background working with clients in the military and aerospace industries uniquely qualifies the Integrity Fasteners team to meet the fastener needs of contractors in every aspect of these fields. When you select Integrity Fasteners for your aerospace bolt and Mil-Spec fastener needs, you can be confident that you are working with a supplier who understands the unique demands of your business. We keep all records for 10 years, and our materials are fully traceable.

We have been partnering with aerospace contractors for more than 25 years and are committed to continuing to partner to meet the unique needs of these industries. We have supplied aerospace and military fasteners and other aircraft fittings for such high-profile equipment such as the Space Shuttle, unmanned drones, missile systems, shipboard radar for military vessels, and many others.

Integrity Fasteners is a qualified supply listed distributor for Class 2 & Class 3 fasteners to Defense Supply Center Philadelphia. We have earned Process Validation Assessment (PVA) approvals from many leading aerospace companies and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Let the dedicated team at Integrity Fasteners take the stress out of finding the high-quality military fasteners and aerospace bolts you need. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive selection of high-quality military nuts and bolts, Mil-Spec fasteners and aerospace fastener products at competitive prices.

Learn more about our product offerings below or please email us for product selection assistance. We also provide several value-added services including Mil-Spec packaging and standard bagging and kitting. 

Mil-Spec and Aerospace Bolts

Our aerospace bolts are made from high performance, corrosion-resistant materials including 300 series stainless steel, cadmium plated alloy steel, and A286 stainless steel. Options include hex cap screws, socket head bolts, internal and external wrenching bolts in a broad range of sizes.

Aerospace and Military Machine Screws

We offer a variety of machine screws and military fasteners that meet National Aerospace Standards and Mil-Spec requirements. All mil-spec fasteners are manufactured from corrosion-resistant 300 series stainless steel or alloy steel to meet high-performance requirements.

Mil-Spec and Aerospace Nuts

Our selection of fasteners includes precision nuts designed for aircraft and aerospace applications. We offer a variety of options including hex nuts, clinch nuts, barrel nuts, knurled nuts, and much more. All Mil-Spec nuts are made from stainless steel or coated allow steel for durability and corrosion resistance.

Learn More About Our Specialty Fasteners

Our fasteners are manufactured from high-quality materials and meet Mil-Spec and Aerospace requirements for design and performance. Contact us to learn more or to request a quote. Have a quick question? Feel free to email us at sales@nutsnbolts.com for a convenient way to get in touch.