Integrity Fasteners manufactures metric fasteners and nas screws for the construction industry.

Building and construction fasteners are used in heavy-duty applications to join materials together. The construction industry requires precision and strength. Fasteners need to withstand the stress of the construction/building environment.
When you work in the construction industry, you need a one-stop resource for many different types of fasteners. Integrity Fasteners offers a comprehensive selection of fasteners and related hardware products that meets the needs of even the most unusual construction projects, including metric fasteners, drywall screws, deck screws and sheet metal screws.

Deciding What Type of Construction Fastener Material You Need                         

Different types of construction projects demand different types of fasteners. The type of construction fastener materials that your construction project requires depends on a variety of criteria including what type of materials you are using, the weight of these materials, and the environment that the fasteners will be used in.
Some common types of building and construction fasteners that are used include:
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Screws
  • Rivets

Building and Construction Fasteners for Construction Applications Construction

There are several applications in the construction industry that depend on specialized fasteners. These include:

Decking: This requires specifically-designed deck screws and fasteners that help prevent mushrooming.

Sub-Flooring: Using specially-designed sub-floor fasteners eliminates potential squeaks that are caused when wood loosens around regular nails.  

Furniture Production: Fasteners in millwork and furniture production need to be durable and able to support weight. This application requires precise sized screws and fasteners.  

Metal Roofing: Fastening steel to drywall, wood, or other materials requires a fastener that won’t damage the surface. This means specially-designed fasteners that minimize defection.

Drywall: Working with drywall requires specific drywall nails and screws that provide a stronger, longer-lasting hold than regular nails.

Construction Fastener Materials from Integrity Fasteners

Whether you need drywall screws, lag screws, carriage bolts, or sheet metal screws for commercial or residential construction, Integrity Fasteners can deliver what you need. We provide clients with access to an enormous selection of fasteners, and we take pride in the fact that our extensive industry includes everything our customers in the construction industry need.
When you choose Integrity Fasteners, you will see first-hand the difference working with knowledgeable, customer-oriented suppliers can make. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality fastener products at competitive prices. We are committed to building long-term customer relationships built on respect and understanding.
Our convenient new searchable inventory makes it easy to locate the right materials for your projects. With the impressive selection of fasteners in all sizes and materials, you can be certain that Integrity Fasteners is ready to provide the fasteners you need when you need them.
To learn more about our building and construction fasteners, contact us today or send us an email with your questions and we will reach out to you soon.