`Arrangement of electronics terminal lug

Certain types of electronic hardware and devices require the use of specific electronic fasteners that will not disrupt the integrity and functionality of the product being manufactured. These types of electronic fasteners and equipment are manufactured from materials that have been tested and shown that they do not disrupt the functionality of electronic hardware devices.
With high quality and competitively priced specialty electronic fasteners, Integrity Fasteners is committed to exceeding the needs of its expanding electronics manufacturing and repair client base. Our knowledgeable and experienced team members provide customers with outstanding service and one-stop shopping for all their electronic hardware needs.
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Electromechanical FastenersVented Screws for Electronic Hardware

Vented screws for electronic computer fastener equipment are designed to provide complete evacuation of trapped volumes of air, while also eliminating any potential leaks. This process provides a path for trapped air to be pumped away from the bottoms, sides, and shoulders of blind-tapped holes. Some of the overall benefits related to vented screws include:
  • Eliminates virtual leaks
  • Relieves pressure from blocked gases
  • Provides means to vent contaminants found in screw voids
  • Enables faster, more efficient pump-down of HV & UHV systems
  • Promotes higher system throughput and improved yield
  • Allows for constant pressure and temperature equalization
Whether your company manufactures electronic computer equipment, audio equipment, or other types of electronic devices, we can provide the fasteners and hardware that you need. We are a leading supplier of vented screws that are used in the manufacturing of silicone chip-making equipment. Additionally, our inventory includes a wide selection of silver- and gold-plated screws that are regularly used in the manufacturing of electronic devices

Searchable Inventory for Electronic Hardware Fasteners

Integrity Fasteners’ highly sophisticated searchable inventory makes it easy to locate the right fasteners and related equipment for all your electronic hardware needs. Whether you need Captive screws, insulating washers, and nylon fasteners, we have the resources and capabilities to deliver exactly what you need when you need it!

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