High Performance Clamps and Connectors for the Aerospace Industry

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High performance clamps, connectors, coupling components, and fabricated subassemblies deliver secure holds while preventing movement or separation by applying inward pressure. The aerospace industry's bulk hose clamps and cable tie connectors are engineered to support various clamping technologies and industrial applications.

At Integrity Fasteners, our aerospace-certified clamps and connectors are built to withstand the rigors of space and high-elevation flight. Contact us for more information regarding our high performance coupling components and fabricated subassemblies, or request a quote for volume discount pricing today.

High Performance Clamps and Connectors Manufacturers

Integrity Fasteners’ high performance clamps and connectors are manufactured by the most trusted brands in the aerospace industry. Whether it’s Breeze, Umpco, or Voss Industries, our clamping technologies are designed and engineered to support your industrial application needs.


For more than 90 years, BREEZE Clamps has been designing and manufacturing some of the industry's highest-quality clamps and connectors. Offering a comprehensive line of hose clamps and industrial products, including worm drives, T-Bolts, V-Band, constant torque solutions, and specialty designs, BREEZE is a top-tier provider of clamps and connectors for coupling components and fabricated subassemblies.


UMPCO clamps and connectors are manufactured using only the most reliable, high-speed, automated machinery, delivering aerospace-grade performance to your industrial application. UMPCO products are the OEM standard on cars, trucks, trailers, and motor homes. At the same time, we remain the "first choice" for the defense, aircraft industries, and space vehicle applications where quality and consistency are critical.


Voss manufactures high performance clamping, coupling components, and fabricated subassemblies for the aerospace industry, delivering proven results, innovative product development, and problem-solving capabilities. Each manufactured Voss product is subjected to extensive life cycle testing and analysis, ensuring only the highest quality components are accepted.

Commercial & Industrial Fastener Bulk Order Volume Discounts

Integrity Fasteners offers volume discounts on bulk orders of any fastener product. For more information on commercial and industrial fastener bulk orders and volume discounts, please contact us, or email us at sales@nutsnbolts.com.

Commercial & Industrial Fastener DFARS Compliance Options

The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) is a military and aerospace requirement that guarantees materials sourced to produce commercial and industrial fasteners are from the United States or other qualifying countries. Specific commercial and industrial fasteners are available DFARS compliant.

Value Added Kitting & Bagging Services

Integrity Fasteners provides kitting and bagging services to ensure the correct parts and components are included in your service. For more information on value-added kitting and bagging services, please contact us for more information.

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In the market for aerospace-certified clamps and connectors? With brands like BREEZE, UMPCO, and Voss, Integrity Fasteners has the performance clamps, connectors, coupling components, and fabricated subassemblies you need. Contact us to learn more or to request a quote. Have a quick question? Feel free to email us at sales@nutsnbolts.com for a convenient way to get in touch.