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  • Breeze Clamp
  • Two Bolt Loop Clamp
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Request Custom Quote A clamp is a specially designed fastening device that is used to hold or secure objects tightly together to prevent movement or separation through the application of inward pressure. There are many different types of clamps available that perform functions that improve the overall tightening and holding of the device.
Integrity Fasteners can provide you with premium-grade clamps and fastener products that will allow you to complete your job to its exact specifications. Our clamp fasteners are manufactured from the highest quality materials on the planet.
Contact us for more information regarding our clamp fasteners, or other fastener products. At Integrity Fasteners, we only stock the highest quality fastener products in the industry and our expert staff can assist you with all your fastener related questions and needs.


At Integrity Fasteners, we provide our customers with clamps that are produced from only the finest manufacturers in the business. We stock clamps from the following manufacturers:
  • Breeze
  • Umpco
  • Voss Industries

Breeze Clamps

Breeze introduced, pioneered and has been supplying perforated wormgear clamps to the automotive, heavy-duty vehicle, aircraft, and industrial markets for over sixty years. With the most comprehensive product line of worm-gear, T-Bolt, V-Band and specialty clamps manufactured in the U.S., Breeze clamp products enable each industry and user to meet their exact requirements with items of proven quality.

Voss Clamps

Voss is a manufacturer of specialized band clamps, V-band couplings, flanges, ducting components and a variety of other fabricated products for all industries.

UMPCO Clamps

UMPCO offers a wide range of superior manufactured clamps for various industrial uses. UMPCO products have become the standard for original equipment on cars, trucks, trailers, and motor homes. They also remain the premier choice for the defense, aircraft industries and space vehicle applications where quality and consistency are critical.

Clamp Options 

Integrity Fasteners offers a wide range of clamps in various sizes, shapes, and styles. If you have a project, we have a clamp that can fit it. Some of the styles of clamps that we offer include the following:
  • Single Tube Cushioned Loop Clamps
  • Single Tube Plain Loop Clamps
  • Cushioned Clamps with Tanglock
  • Cushioned “U” Type Support Clamp
  • Cushioned Loop Clamps Saddle Type
  • Center Mount Loop Clamps
  • Two Bolt Loop Clamps
  • Rectangular Cushioned Loop Clamp

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